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How is your business growing?

Great companies grow by serving customers, investors, and stakeholders better.

Developing growth platforms -- such as new propositions, products and services, markets, ventures, and technologies -- can be challenging, but can also create significant long-term value.

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What does Hai Point do?

As a global partner for growing businesses, Hai Point helps companies grow.

We form partnerships to identify, invest in, and pursue growth opportunities.

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Find innovative ways to grow 

As an entrepreneur-led venture, how may a partner contribute resources critical to developing beyond this stage?

As a closely-held business, why might an expansion require the hands-on guidance and support of a partner?

As a publicly-traded company, how might setting and pursuing the growth agenda with a partner be benefitial?

Explore how Hai Point partners 

Why partner?

As partners, we are entirely invested in shared growth ambitions.

Our success depends on how well we adhere to these guiding principles:

  • Accountability & Empowerment

    The two work best hand-in-hand; neither can stand alone.

  • Teamwork & Entrepreneurship

    An outstanding team is as critical as each contribution.

  • Commitment & Passion

    A lack of either increase the risks for failure. Much of our ability to succeed comes from committing wholeheartedly.

  • Partnership

    A beneficial, lasting partnership is the true measure of our success; it is prized as the signature element of Hai Point.

To actively support partners, Hai Point has created co-investment, revenue-sharing, and performance-based partnership models that are key to making growth platforms thrive.

Evaluate partnering with Hai Point 

When investing in and managing growth, success is rarely a straight line; it requires a more accountable, adaptive, and outcome-driven approach than the fees that management consultancies charge their clients.

Partners value the way Hai Point coinvests and cooperates alongside them, how that enables us to share accountability, risks and interests -- how we align to win together.

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